Work Experience: My Week at County

This week, we had three work experience students from Brine Leas High School. The students spent one week with the company learning about insurance and what each department does within County. They spent time in marketing, compliance, personal lines, branch support, finance and with our CEO, Dave Clapp. They were very helpful and were very interested in learning the different areas of the company. We asked them to write about their week with us, below is what they had to say:

“During my week with The County Group I have learnt many new skills, including being more creative and I’ve broadened my knowledge of the workplace. I have learnt that the work place can be a relaxed working environment which is not what I was expecting. In personal lines I learned about all the abbreviations for different types of insurance policies for the group’s internal system. Such as HQ for home insurance and PC for car insurance. I have also learnt that there is a lot of departments needed to run a business successfully from marketing to compliances to branch support.”

Jacob Brown

“This week, I had work experience at The County Group. Throughout the week, I was shown around the whole office and saw all of the different branches in the company.  At the start of the week, we were introduced to marketing. There we learned about websites, social media posting and editing. We also met the CEO of the company who explained to us about the history of his company and other things about running a business.  Then we sat with the Personal Lines team who showed us more about their line of work. We observed how they handle their clients and how they input data. We also learned a lot about Branch Support and their purpose in this company. At the end of the week, I found out a lot about Finance and learned about what they do in depth. My favorite part of the week was when I made social media posts with marketing. I also enjoyed sitting with Finance and helping them out with putting data into their files.”

Helen Lam

“My week at The County Group began on Monday at 9:30AM, where I met Claire who was my supervisor for work experience. I received an induction which she informed me on what to expect in the upcoming week. I also met the employees which would be helping me for the next few days. In the week I was set a lot of tasks in all the different departments of the company which allowed me to gain a wider knowledge of the business world and more specifically insurance. As well as gaining a deeper understanding, I also learned many skills throughout the week such as creativity and organisation.”

Henry Lam

If you’re looking for work experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to join one of our teams, have a look at our careers page where we have a number of opportunities and apprenticeships across the company.