It’s Christmas time already! This year it has come around so quick and we bet you are wondering, what can I do this year? We have composed a list of fun activities that you can do this year to get into the Christmas mood.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a great way to start your Christmas spirt. The markets are filled with stalls selling decorations, homemade gifts and presents, baked goods and treats, hot beverages like: hot chocolate, egg nog, mulled wine and cider with the smell of hot chestnuts and street food.

There are a number of markets across the UK, find your closest one: http://www.christmasmarkets.com/location/uk/

Make a gingerbread house

If the cold weather means you’re spending a day in, why not try making a gingerbread house. This is a fun way to get all the family involved and have an eye-catching treat. There are lots of great recipes online however this one is our favourite: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/how-to-build-a-gingerbread-house.html

However, if you’re not so much of a keen baker, you can get pre-brought gingerbread house which you can put together yourself. Then you can decorate it however you like. Many shops sell dismantled gingerbread houses, including IKEA and Aldi.

Watch a pantomime

Pantomimes are a classic at Christmas with theatres across the country showing different plays. The most popular ones are Cinderella, Jack and the bean stalk and Aladdin. So this year, why not take your children along and re-live your childhood?

Volunteer your time

Christmas time is also about giving back – one way is to give back to your local community. There are a number of places that you will be able to volunteer your time to help. You can volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate items to the homeless, spend some time at your local care home and much more.

Organise a Secret Santa

We know this time of year is one of the most expensive times so why not organise a secret Santa with work colleagues, friends and/or with family. Set a budget and get a thoughtful gift for that person. This way, you won’t be breaking the bank, so you only need to buy one gift instead of four+.


Couple visiting Christmas Market, Milan

Spend a day watching Christmas films

In our opinion, sometimes you can’t beat a day in your pyjamas eating treats and watching a Christmas film in your cosy home. There are loads of Christmas films so you will never be short of something to watch.

We have listed our favourite films, find out what our favourites are or to find something to watch for your movie day.

Christmas tree picking

Most people have a fake Christmas tree so why not this year get a real one? The smell of pine will give your home the ultimate Christmas smell. If you purchase your tree in the 2nd week of December, it’s very likely that your tree will last until after New Year.

You will be able to get a Christmas tree from your local farm; there will be a range of trees. So you can pick the perfect one for your home.

Decorating your house

The vast majority of us will be decorating our houses when it’s the first of December. Nothing is better than decorating your house for Christmas!

If you’re looking for inspiration for decorations this year, read our blog for some ideas. We have found some fantastic new decorations and some DIY ones as well.

Visit a Winter Wonderland / Santa Grotto

To help you get into the Christmas spirit and get your children extra excited, you can visit a winter wonderland. Many wonderlands will have a Santa’s Grotto where children will be able to visit Santa and get a photo with them. Hopefully, they will be on their best behaviour for a while after to make sure they end up on the ‘nice’ rather than the ‘naughty’ list.