Top Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

As the temperature continues to drop, the days keep shortening and festive season officially comes to a close, your motivation to exercise can often reach record lows as well. Don’t slack this winter, as ignoring physical activity can lead to serious health problems—including heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Ensure a healthy lifestyle in the months ahead with the following tips for staying active in cold weather:

  • Bundle up—If you enjoy outdoor workouts, don’t let the chill keep you from exercising. Add extra layers to your usual attire, such as gloves, hats or headbands, thick socks, a thin jacket or thermal leggings. On your way to the gym, wear a warm coat to avoid a freezing start to your workout.
  • Take it home—Rather than going to the gym, save time and money by exercising in the comfort of your own home. You can do so with various online workout options, such as videos and podcasts.
  • Ask a friend—Ask a friend to join you in your weekly workouts or join a local class to remain accountable and foster close relationships.
  • Switch it up—While it may seem simple to plan for the same form of exercise each day, research shows that engaging in a variety of different activities is better for your body and will make you less likely to quit. Be sure to vary your routine with a balance between strength and aerobic training, such as weight lifting and running.
  • Keep track—A key method for sticking to your fitness goals during adverse weather is logging your progress. Visualise your success by using a training app, investing in a fitness device or simply devoting a section of your planner to your exercise goals.
  • Reward yourself—Although physical activity is important, so is recovery. Remember to reward yourself after a tough workout with a healthy meal, hot drink or warm bath.

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