Six spooky things you can do this Halloween!

Every year, come the 31st October, everything changes. The black cats appear, the pumpkins are lit and everyone is dressed to kill. Here at The County Group we wanted to let you know all of the things you could get up to this spooky season to keep you entertained.

  • Corn Mazes – Why not get yourself lost in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a corn maze? Going round the twists and turns of the corners of the maize whether it is daylight or night is bound to get your heart racing. Find a maze near you:
  • Haunted Houses – There are plenty of Haunted Houses all over the UK, whether they are at local events, well known buildings, or large chains, I’m going inside one of these frightening properties will get you in the mood for Halloween! Find a Haunted House near you!
  • Scare Fest/ Spooky World – These are two of the biggest and scariest events to attend in the North West, Scare Fest is located at Alton Towers in Staffordshire and Spooky World is located in Warrington. Why not get yourself along for a night full of adrenaline and a world of the unseen…
  • Trick or Treating – This is one thing that everyone loves to do! Whether it’s just for the kids benefits or the whole family. Who doesn’t love dressing up and hunting the streets for sweeties?
  • Halloween Party – And last, but definitely not least, nobody can resist one of these! A Halloween party! There are plenty of things for all to do, dress up to the nines and party all night long. You can decorate your house just like one of the Haunted Houses above, hold a competition for the best dressed and of course, produce some of the goriest food about! There are plenty of things you can do to make your guests stomachs turn. Check them out here!

We hope this blog has helped give you some ideas for your Halloween! If you would like any information on how to be protected from all that lies past Halloween give us a call on; 0333 400 2316.