Laws when driving abroad

You may be planning on hiring a car aboard or road tripping from country to country this summer. So we thought we would let you know about some of the different laws in different countries. Being able to drive abroad gives you more freedom however you do need to be careful; each county has different regulations that you will need to follow.


  • In Norway, they keep their headlights on 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Even in the summer when the sun is out.
  • The country’s drinking limit is 0.2%. Therefore you can’t even have half a pint and get behind the wheel.


  • Cyprus has zero tolerance for eating and drinking when driving. Even if you’re holding a bottle of water, you can be heavily fined. So if you want a snack, you need pull over in a safe area.


  • In Germany, their recommended speed on motorways is 80 miles per an hour.
  • If you stop on a motorway at any point, even if you have ran out of petrol, you can be faced with a large fine.


  • Finland has a large range of different wildlife from hares to reindeers and elks. So the chances of hitting one of these animals are higher.  It’s illegal to not report this to the police.
  • It’s illegal to use your car horn unless you are in danger, any other time could lead to fines.


  • In Spain, if you wear glasses or contact lenses to drive then you need to have a spare pair. If you were checked and failed to have a spare pair, you will be fined.


  • Splashing a pedestrian can lead to a penalty in Japan
  • If you agree to get into a car with a drunk driver behind the wheel, it’s just as much your fault as it is theirs. So you will be faced with charges and fines as well.


  • In some parts of Russia, it’s illegal to drive in a dirty car. How dirty is the question but it depends on the police officer.


  • In Thailand, it’s illegal to drive topless. Many tourists are unaware of this law which leads to fines.
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