How Spring Cleaning Serves as a Stress Reliever

Now that springtime is in full swing, you may be dreading the concept of sweeping, dusting or simply reorganising the cluttered areas of your home. Indeed, spring-cleaning can seem like a daunting and tedious task—however, participating in this seasonal practice can offer more than just a tidy house.

Recent research found that having a cluttered home can lead to increased stress levels, inability to relax and disrupted sleeping patterns. On the other hand, a clean and organised living space has been linked to improved physical health due to decreased accumulation of dust and mould, improved self-esteem and increased overall productivity. This year, bolster your spring-cleaning regime with the following best practices and reap the health benefits:

  • Ditch the dated items—While some of your older household objects may have personal significance, a majority of the items collecting dust are the first things to throw in the rubbish bin. Try to ditch any item you haven’t used or appreciated in the past year. This could include old souvenirs, dated kitchen utensils or the clothes that have remained in the back of your wardrobe.
  • Fight future clutter—Maintain a clean house for months to come, by making an effort to clear commonly cluttered areas every couple days. This practice will help prevent accumulation concerns.
  • Eliminate the extras—It can definitely be valuable to have multiples of certain items. However, don’t save additional objects if you aren’t entirely sure you need more than one. Consider disposing of duplicate kitchen items and decor.
  • Stick to an organisation plan—Clutter often accumulates when you don’t know where to store an item after using it, leading to materials scattered in miscellaneous places throughout your home. To solve this problem, be sure to organise your cupboard spaces with labelled containers and baskets. This way, you will always have a designated location to store your household items after use.

We hope these quick tips have been of use to you, you may even be able to start putting these in to action over the Easter weekend!

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