Great Feedback! Another Happy Client

We have received some great feedback from one of our clients about the service they have received from a team of our sales team -Paige Jackson (Insurance Advisor). We would like to share the great feedback with you; also like to thank Paige for her exceptional service and continuous hard work . We go the extra mile for our customers and always glad to hear when they are pleased with our service.

I’m writing you to make you aware of a recent experience I had with one of your team members at County Insurance. I’ve recently had some trouble and very bad experience with my current insurer regarding a claim and some other issues. I was extremely frustrated, dissatisfied and experienced some outrageous customer service from my insurer.

Upon contacting County Insurance as the broker for my policy regarding a change of my residency, I was informed that the change will incur an additional premier to be paid to my insurer. As frustrated and outraged at the level of service I received from my insurer, I strongly felt that this is nothing but adding an insult to an injury. I also felt somehow dissatisfied with County Insurance for representing and recommending my insurer.

During interacting with County Insurance regarding those matters, I solely communicated with Ms. Paige Jackson.

Ms. Jackson very quickly familiarised herself with the whole matter and the reasons for my dissatisfaction and frustration. She handled the matter from start to end, which made me feel like I had my own personal broker.

Ms. Jackson has exhibited exceptional skills and traits that can only reflect a very high level emotional intelligence, strong work commitment, tremendous customer service skills and excellent task management skills.

Ms. Jackson has certainly managed to change my experience from an unhappy and dissatisfied customer who was at the door, to a happy customer who feels valued, well served and more importantly at home with County Insurance.

I would like to thank Ms. Jackson for such an awesome experience, and would like to ask you as part of the management team to consider adding this letter to Ms. Jackson’s file for her upcoming yearly evaluation.

Best regards,

W Abdel Meguid

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