Employment Law Claims set to increase!

The Supreme Court has ruled that the fees faced by employees wishing to take their employers to tribunal are unlawful and these will cease with immediate effect. The government will also have to  repay the fees paid by claimants, thought to total more than £27 million since they were introduced in July 2013.

The legal challenge came from trade union Unison and the court concluded that the fees prevented access to justice, were discriminatory and breached EU and UK law.

The purpose of the original fee structure in 2013 was to reduce the amount of spurious claims made against employers and this resulted in a 73% reduction in the number of tribunal cases during the period that it was in place.

The inevitable consequence for employers following this week’s ruling is that employment law claims will once again increase in number.

From 2015 to 2016 the average award for?

  • Unfair dismissal was £13,851
  • Disability discrimination was £21,729
  • Discrimination was £14,185
  • A business with employees is over 20 times more likely to have an employment law claim than a fire!

In addition to award costs, employers also faces expensive defence costs and need to dedicate considerable senior management time and resources to dealing with the claim.

Employment Law Claims are one of the biggest threats to a business and specific insurance protection is available to protect your balance sheet and reputation.

The County Group provide competitive cover including:-

FastTrack through to a specialist Employment Law Solicitor providing advice and support on all employment law related matters

Cover for any defence costs and award payments in the event of a successful claim against your company

No excess to pay if upfront advice is sought and followed

This form of protection is a cost effective way of transferring the risk to a business and cover can be arranged from the following premium levels:-

Number of Employees

Annual Premium

Up to 25 £336.00
25 to 50 £420.00
51 to 100 £588.00
101 to 150 £784.00
151 to 200 £896.00
200+ Bespoke terms available

(*Policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance. Underwriting acceptance criteria applies)

The County Group would encourage all of our clients to consider this valuable form of protection.

Please contact us on 01704 631 913 and ask to speak to your usual Account Manager at our regional office to proceed with cover.