Driving with no insurance or licence…

We hear about it all the time on the news, the local gossip or on the television, people getting pulled over by the police for different reasons! But driving without insurance or a licence is a serious offence and does have consequences. Here at The County Group we want to make sure that all our customers are aware of the dangers and penalties which may occur if they are to drive without a licence or with no insurance.


The police can see whether you do not have any insurance for your vehicle by using their Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) as this will show them whether the insurance is valid for a vehicle and if the Tax and MOT is up to date. If you are unfortunately caught driving with no insurance for your vehicle, the police could give you a fine of £300 and 6 penalty points on your licence. However, if the case ends up going to court you could be faced with an unlimited fine or a disqualification from driving.

The minimum level of insurance that any individual or vehicle is required to have by law is third party liability cover. This means that if you cause any damage to another vehicle, property or cause any injury which you are liable for, your insurance policy will cover this. There is a higher level of insurance you could take out to protect yourself more, this could be fire and theft insurance, but also fully comprehensive cover.

In terms of penalties and consequences of driving without insurance, the police do also have the power to impound an uninsured vehicle. If this is the case, you will only be able to gain your vehicle back once you have paid any fines which may be in place or you can prove that you have purchased the correct insurance needed for the vehicle. However, if you do not reclaim your vehicle within a set period of time, they have the right to destroy the vehicle.


If you are caught driving without a valid or correct licence there again is consequences, however these are different compared to driving with no insurance. Even though driving without a licence is a serious offense and we wouldn’t recommend any body to do it, it’s not as serious as some may think. The penalty for driving without a licence can be 3 to 6 points and up to a £1000 fine. On the other hand, if you have had your driving licence taken off you and you are already serving a driving ban, if you are caught in this situation it will be taken much more seriously because you are ignoring a previous court order.

You may be caught without the correct licence, this means, for example, if you drive a motorbike, bus or large commercial vehicle your driving licence will need to include certain entitlements. Such as, requiring specific training, testing and possibly a Certificate of Professional Competence. But, you may just hold a conventional driving licence and if you drive a vehicle which you are not entitled to then you may be prosecuted.

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